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The original community for the Marvel Comics series Young Avengers

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Welcome to Livejournal's first community for all things related to Marvel Comics' Young Avengers! All content -- discussion, scans, fanwork, meta, random silliness -- related to the team is welcome here. If you're not sure your post belongs, ask yourself "is this of interest to anyone other than myself?" If the answer is yes, we probably want to see it.

Spoilers should be warned for and cut for at least two weeks after the publication date of a particular issue. This includes all material published before the issue comes out such as solicits and preview pages. Afterwards spoiler warnings are highly encouraged but not actually required.

All requests for scans and link-posting should be locked. Unlocked requests, either posts or in comment threads, will be screened. Let's not go the way of scans_daily.

Images over 400x400 or anything NSFW (including icons) should be posted under a cut or not at all.

Crossposting between here and the Dreamwidth community is allowed and encouraged. :)

Comms/Fests/things related to the Young Avengers or Marvel Comics may be advertised here ONCE, as long as the ads themselves comply with all other rules. If it doesn't, it will be deleted.

Adult Content
Adult and/or NSFW content should be clearly marked as such and put behind an cut or a link.

A handy list of them can be found here!

You may notice that our tagging system is a bit... excessively over-organized! That's just so people can find things easily without lots of searching. Currently tag creation is set to administrators only so that we don't get a lot of duplicate tags; what this means is that you can tag your own posts with pre-existing tags but not create your own. If you notice that there's a tag missing that applies to your work, let me know and I will add it.

Tags are currently arranged by general "type" (those starting with a !). Every post should have at least one of those tags. After that you can further add tags for character, book/event, length, pairing, and warning. It's pretty self-explanatory, really.

Warnings Policy
For content generally considered disturbing or triggering it is required that you warn (either in your summary or using the warning tags) or explicitly state that you do not warn for disturbing content. Posts that do neither will be deleted. If you want to warn but feel that it would spoil your story to do so, consider using this code. As to what you should warn for, please use your common sense.

The Young Avengers community here and on LJ is very diverse! Because of that we need to all work hard to be considerate of one another. Language and/or sentiments that are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist or otherwise discriminatory will not be tolerated. Consequences judged on a case-by-case basis.

Deleting Comments
Don't do it.

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